Apricado Launches Private Beta!

JULY 16 - VICTORIA, British Columbia – Animikii Inc. and company founder Jeff Ward is proud to announce the private beta launch of Apricado.com. This unique tool allows musicians and recording artists to sell directly to fans and consumers via their hosted Apricado store.

Artists simply type in their email address, upload a song and they are ready to sell – it is that easy.

The well-known technology blog TechCrunch will be announcing the launch later today.

“This all started with the goal of giving artists an easy to use sales engine. In order to be effective we knew this tool would have to pay the artist an excellent rate; something we fundamentally believe in” says Ward.

With this beta launch, it appears the Animikii team has accomplished their goal. Artists using Apricado receive an unheard of 80% of their sales revenue.

This private beta version of Apricado is in use by a couple select artists already. One of these artists, Ry Moran, says he has been searching for an effective technology to sell directly to his fans for years.

“From the artists perspective, this site is truly amazing. iTunes, Napster, Emusic are all great but getting your music onto these sites takes time and they don’t pay close to what Apricado provides. I can now write a song and have it available to my fans on the same day.”

Having Apricado fit into the larger picture of on-line sales is something Ward embraces.

“From our perspective, we encourage all artists to have their music in as many places as possible. Apricado just happens to cut out the middle-man the most and provide artists with the easiest sales engine on the market. We are very proud of it.”

Animikii is now moving the site towards a public launch planned for later this summer.

“We are now actively engaged in raising further capital for the venture” says Ward, noting that prospective investors and venture capitalists are encouraged to contact him.


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