Apricado Music Downloads set to Revolutionize On-line Music Purchasing

VICTORIA, British Columbia – Creating an on-line sales engine has often been difficult for many independent artists. Not having the pull needed to get them into the larger digital retail outlets such as iTunes and Napster, many artists have been forced to use a number of ad-hoc measures…until now.

Apricado Music Downloads, a new project from Animikii Inc. lead by CEO Jeff Ward, is set to revolutionize how independent artists interact with consumers on-line.

"Both artists and consumers have been faced with a number of barriers to prevent quick and simple transactions" says Ward. "Consumers often have to create detailed accounts, purchase through PayPal or jump through any number of other hoops…all just to buy a 99 cent song and support independent artists. With Apricado, we wanted to streamline consumer ability to purchase direct from the artists."

Using Apricado’s "single page check-out" system, consumers won’t have to leave the page to purchase music and they won’t be required to first create an account. Payments are quick and easy.

Artists receive an almost unheard of 80% of the sale of their song. Many other digital retail outlets currently only pay 50%.

"The great thing with Apricado," says Ward, "is that an artist should have a fully functional online store set up within 5 minutes of visiting the site."

Apricado is currently in development and set to launch a private beta in the summer of 2008. Marketing efforts are now underway and those interested can sign up for Apricado news updates as they happen.


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