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Upload a Song.

Upload your first song and get started.

Step 2

You're In Business.

Your store is instantly set up and your first track is now for sale.

Step 3

Tell the World.

Grab a widget for your MySpace or Facebook profile.

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Still not convinced? Some questions answered...

Sounds too good to be true. What are the hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs. We take a 20% cut when you sell your songs. There are no costs to set up your store or host your files with us.

You get 79c for each song you sell. Just get your cash automatically transferred to you each quarter via PayPal.

I've been waiting for something like this. Can you hook me up now!

We are in private beta which means we're putting the final touches before we open it up for everybody.

We're invite only at this point so please be sure to put your email in above or subscribe to the launch feed.

I heard you don't DRM my songs. What up with that?

We're of the belief that when you buy a CD, that CD is yours to do what you please with it. Same goes for digital music purchases.

And besides, we've been told that DRM is dead by the very honorable Steve Jobs. iTunes now offers DRM-free versions of their songs as well.

News, Buzz & Announcements

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